Friday, May 6, 2011

WHAT IS THE VALUE OF MY PERSONAL INJURY CASE? What is "negligence" anyway?

A Baltimore personal injury lawyer will tell you Maryland juries are instructed that negligence is doing something that a person using ordinary care, caution and prudence would not do, or, in fact doing something that a reasonably cautions person would not, under the circumstances. The standard is typically that of hypothetical "reasonable person". The question is "How would that reasonable person react under similar circumstances". If the person that hurt you has acted in a way that this imaginary reasonable person would not have acted- that's negligence. To prove up a case for negligence in court, a Baltimore personal injury attorney must show that 1] the defendant owed them a duty to conform their conduct to specific standard of care that prevents harm- or the risk of harm- to others 2] the defendant did not conform their conduct 3] that failure fairly directly led to an injury that 4] damaged the plaintiff.  If you've been injured by someone else, an experienced Baltimore personal injury attorney can evaluate if you have a claim, and help you document, quantify, and prove it.

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