Thursday, May 5, 2011

HOW MUCH IS MY BALTIMORE PERSONAL INJURY CASE WORTH? Is the driver of the car that hit me responsible? What is this "emergency doctrine?"

As noted in another volume, any Baltimore personal injury attorney will advise you that all Maryland drivers are charged with the obligation of using reasonable care for the safety of others when driving. However, the nature of that duty may change depending on the circumstances. A driver faced with a sudden and real emergency situation, not a result of that driver's misconduct, is required only to use the care and caution that a reasonable drive would, under those exact circumstances. Many Baltimore personal injury lawyers, for the defense, have successfully argued, that drivers, due to weather or other circumstances, are not responsible for accidents that they caused. If a person has done what any reasonably cautious prudent person would due when confronted with an emergency, then they are not negligent, even though there was an accident.

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