Friday, May 6, 2011

WHAT IS THE VALUE OF MY BALTIMORE INJURY CASE? I hurt my back once before. Now I got in an accident, and feel a lot worse.

Consider someone who sustained a back injury a decade ago as a result of a work related injury, and assume that same person is today involved in an automobile accident, and has back pain. Can there be a financial recovery for pain and suffering for the new automobile accident? Won't the insurance company say the injury and pain is "preexisting"?  The law provides that the effect that any injury might have on a given individual- who might be predisposed to injury because of age, general health, or a particular medical condition- should not affect the damages recovered.  A Baltimore personal injury attorney will also tell you the law also provides that a person who had a particular condition before the accident can recover for an aggravation, exacerbation, or worsening of that underlying condition. An experienced Baltimore personal injury attorney can assist you in proving that aggravation, exacerbation, or worsening. To be sure, the insurance company will always argue that your injury and pain come from any source under then sun other than the accident for which you are making a claim. An Baltimore experienced personal injuryattorney can help you document, quantify, and prove through medical evidence the precise nature and extent of the aggravation, exacerbation, or worsening of an underlying condition.

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