Friday, May 6, 2011

HOW MUCH CAN I COLLECT IN A PERSONAL INJURY CASE? I got hurt on someone else's property. Are they responsible?

The duty, and responsibility for injury, of a landowner, possessor or manager of land or a building depends on the legal status of the person who was injured.  An experienced Baltimore personalinjury lawyer knows the distinctions. An "Invitee" is someone on the property for purposes related to the owner's business, and is owed a duty of reasonable care to keep the property safe. A "Social Guest" is on the property not for any business purposes, but as the guest of the owner, and is owed a duty of reasonable care to keep the property safe, and is also entitled to be warned of any latent dangers they could not discover on their own. A "Bare Licensee" is on the property, with permission, but for his or her own business purposes. A "Trespasser" is, well, a Trespasser, and neither a trespasser of    Bare Licensee are owed any duty at all. There are some other specific rules, e.g. for Landlords, that are explored in other chapters. Consult a knowledgeable Baltimore personalinjury lawyer if you've been injured on someone else's property.

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