Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WHAT IS THE VALUE OF MY BALTIMORE PERSONAL INJURY CASE? Is there a parent-child loss of consortium claim?

Unlike the claims that a spouse can bring for the loss of "society and companionship" when the other spouse sustains personal injury, experienced  personal injury lawyers in Baltimore advise their clients that no similar claim exists between parent and child. A child may not sue a negligent third party who causes personal injury to that child's parent, for the loss of that parent's affection and companionship. Gaver v. Harrant 557 A.2d 210.  Knowledgeable personal injury lawyers in Baltimore are also aware a parent has no right to sue a third party for negligently inflicted personalinjury to a child for loss of that child's society and companionship. Michaels v. Nemethvargo, 571 A.2d 850.

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