Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WHAT IS THE VALUE OF MY BALTIMORE PERSONAL INJURY CASE? What about an 'attractive nuisance'.

Knowledgeable personal injury lawyers in Baltimore are familiar with the rule in some jurisdictions "[t] hat young children habitually frequent the vicinity of a defective structure or dangerous agency existing on the land, which is likely to cause injury to them because they, by reason of their immaturity, are incapable of appreciating the risk involved, and where the expense or inconvenience of remedying the condition is slight compared to the risk to the children. In such cases there is a duty upon the owner or other person in possession and control of the premises to exercise due care to remedy the condition or otherwise." Corcoran v. Village of Libertyville, 73 Ill.2d 316, 383 N.E.2d 177 (Ill., 1978). The knowledgeable personal injury lawyer in Baltimore also knows that Maryland has "long rejected" this principle.

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