Friday, December 16, 2011

HOW MUCH IS MY BALTIMORE PERSONAL INJURY CASE WORTH? Can a law enforcement officer assault and batter me?

Well, let's look at the context. If an officer is acting with legal justification i.e.  probable cause, he or she can generally place you under arrest. Now, if you're being arrested for something, you've likely got bigger problems that whether or not you've been properly arrested. Personal injury lawyers in Baltimore know that a law enforcement officer is authorized to use force, even force that amounts to a civil battery, to effect an arrest. However, if that officer acts with an intent to harm you, and you suffer bodily injury, a Baltimore city lawsuit is a possibility.  Many personal injury lawyers in Baltimore have successfully litigated claims that an officer acted with "excessive force" or malice when arresting or detaining and individual. In those instances, the privilege to use reasonable force to effect an arrest does not apply.

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