Friday, June 10, 2011

HOW MUCH IS MY BALTIMORE PERSONAL INJURY CASE WORTH? I got hurt at work. Do I have a personal injury case, too?

An employee who sustains an accidental injury arising out of his or her employment is entitled to worker's compensation benefits. These are typically wage loss payments and medical expenses. The nature of worker's compensation injures are explored and discussed elsewhere on this site. The thorough Baltimore personal injury lawyer will always explore a possible "third-party" component to any workers compensation claim. In a straight worker's compensation claim, it does not matte if the employer was at fault for the accident. Benefits are payable if the injury occurred in the course of employment. But what if the injury was caused by a negligently designed machine of piece of equipment? What if the worker's compensation injury was a car accident with an "at-fault" driver that did not work for the employer. Experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyers frequently make two-cases-out-of-one, collecting wage loss and medical benefits for their clients under the worker's compensation scheme, and separate damages for pain and suffering via a personal injury action.

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